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Official ESTA application is available only on US government website and no other site is allowed to use this form. But applicants are allowed to access the form from third-party websites that provide real help in entering correct details in the form. Applicants have to be very careful while entering their details as a little looking mistake could get a form rejected. The US immigration authorities will waste no time on the form with ambiguous details. Here third-party sites can provide real help.

When you access the official ESTA form through a third-party site, you get a safe platform to fill the application. The third-party site provides an exact replica of the visa form and also supplies complete information on the application. Here you can correct details, wrongly entered and in this way prevent getting rejected. The third-party site will copy the details from its form and paste the details in the original form on US government website. You can check your ESTA status to confirm that you are provided electronic clearance. You will pay a fee of $14 to US government for clearance and also the third-party site will charge a fee for its services.

Official ESTA visa is provided for two years but it is cancelled in two cases that are renewal of passport and change of name. Also the visa is allowed only for 90 days that is the maximum time. The most important thing about electronic clearance is that it isn’t a visa but only an approval to enter the US territory after getting formal clearance at the entry point where all travel documents are physically verified. Electronic clearance is provided within 24 hours but sometimes it is withheld without revealing its cause to the applicants. In this situation, the applicants can apply for formal visa through US embassy.

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